Tiwul dan Gathot

Tiwul, for some communities in Indonesia is the staple food rice substitute, because it hard to get rice (expensive) or if there is not feasible due to the consumption of rice warehouses who Bulog combination of 70%: 30% (Ticks: Rice), then tiwulpun be about some of your favorite foods areas such as Wonogiri, Pacitan and Gunungkidul.

The main raw material tiwul maker is cassava or tapioca. I myself know tiwul, or Oyek (in Sundanese) since the 90's when the part of parents migrated to join the Sumatran transmigration. There I had a neighbor who had a hobby of making tiwul as raw materials in great abundance, the first time I tasted was immediately interested to try to keep let alone cooking grandma tiwul maker is different and special, the way the presentation was very, very simple enough tiwul warm platter, vegetable leaves cassava and sauce and served sianghari, who was already a very, very satisfying combination of flavors growling stomach, finished eating the menu cover is Gathot, snacks made ​​from cassava who also who have been in the sun, or rather is left free in the air for days so as to have a typical color black, boiled and then given grated coconut

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