Sego Becek

Nasi Becek or Becek rice is Nganjuk traditional food, originally named sego becek. This culinary is look like lamb curry cuisine, which consists of lamb satai (without its stick), babat, and fried onion as topping. the taste is similar like any other traditional food called Soto, but particularly the taste is so central java’s food, which is tends to be sweet not salty.

Muddy rice is a typical dish from Nganjuk, East Java, Indonesia. In the place of origin of this dish is known by the name sego muddy.
Muddy Rice, dishes typical of Nganjuk, East Java

Sego muddy is a similar dish with curry / curry goat. The contents of the sego muddy nearly similar to tripe soup, but given a piece of lamb skewers that have been stripped of satay sticks. Meat goat meat is selected. Not forgotten were given pieces of onion that adds to the enjoyment flavor of this dish.

Overall, it may tend to be similar to the kind of food is a growing majority in Solo, Central Java. Tends to sweet and not salty, unlike most Java-style main dishes that tend Timuran salty.

At this writing, a serving of this dish is sold for Rp 10,000. Quite cheap for the size of typical foods there. The seller sego tarnish can usually easily find in the area around the way Dr. Nganjuk Soetomo in cities.

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