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In addition to pickled fruit recipes I also have a recipe pickled vegetables, can try when the holidays arrive, cried again with family and relatives together the same.Good luck


2 carrots (sliced ​​matches)
100 grams of cabbage (chopped fine)
50 grams of bean sprouts
1 bunch mustard sauce (rough cut)
crackers noodles
roasted peanut

Seasoning sauce:

7 red chilies
brown sugar
3 tablespoons vinegar
sufficient water

How to make:
Sprinkle the carrots that have been cut the size of a match with the salt and knead until wilted, soak in a mixture of water that has been given a bit of salt and vinegar. Let soak and drain.

Puree of red peppers and shrimp paste. Add water, then boiled with brown sugar and vinegar and salt to boiling. Cool.

Place the vegetables in the bowl, flush with gravy, served with fried beans, crackers and noodles can be added if you like to know.

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