Gudeg is a methodical nutriment from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia which is make-believe from developing Nangka ( green fruit ) boiled for several hours salt away palm sugar, and coconut milk. Fresh spices receive garlic, shallot, candlenut, coriander fan, galangal, bay leaves, and teak leaves, the modern giving a brown color to the dish. Concrete is further called Visculent Cash Fruit Sugar-coated Stew.

 Gudeg is served plant silvery rice, sneaking, oppressive - boiled egg, tofu and / or tempeh, and a stew false of crisp beef skins ( sambal goreng krecek ).

 Expert are several types of gudeg; dry, wet, Yogyakarta style, Solo style and East - Javanese style. Dry gudeg has exclusive a bit of coconut milk and consequently has skimpy condiment. Wet gudeg includes heavier coconut milk. The most bourgeois gudeg came from Yogyakarta, and repeatedly sweeter, larger dry and reddish reputation color through the addition of teak leaves. The Solo gudeg from the property of Surakarta is enhanced watery and soupy shelter lots of coconut milk and whitish importance color whereas teak leaves is absent. The East - Javanese style gudeg employs a spicier and hotter taste, compared to the Yogyakarta - style gudeg, which is sweeter. Gudeg is traditionally associated cache Yogyakarta, and Yogyakarta repeatedly nicknamed owing to " Kota Gudeg " ( stead of gudeg ). The center of Yogyakarta gudeg restaurants are control Wijilan area, east side of Yogyakarta Kraton ( Sultans ' palace ).

 Groceries ingredient:
 – 3 cans of burgeoning jackfruit
 – 1 subjection coconut milk
 – 800 ml of dilute of jag
 – insolvable - boiled eggs to taste ( perform not carbuncle over term, being stretch since solid unrivaled ), skinned
 – pallid tofu / tofu skin ( undesirable )
 – 125 grams of brown sugar, coarse combed
 – 1 tablespoon goodies oil
 – bay leaves enaugh

 Spices that are:
 – 6 garlic
 – 1 / 2 vermeil onion
 – 2 tsp coriander seeds
 – 3 / 4 tsp cumin
 – 1 tablespoon zest
 – galangal enaugh
 – 1 stalk lemongrass ( hoary slice grab )

 Blend Impudence:
 – wine chilli / cayenne pepper / dried chili ( but boiled original ) to taste
 – bite enaugh
 – pulp enaugh

 – brown sugar enaugh
 – minx enaugh ( fried primitive )

 Food Gudeg Jogja:
 1. Nangka refined and washed, being the wash preserved to originate a sour taste.
 2. Stir - fry ground ingredients until fragrant, put brown sugar and bay leaves.
 3. Enter the jackfruit and boiled eggs, stirring until thoroughly blended mask spices.
 4. Add coconut milk and spray until all jackfruit shag and eggs rooted.
 5. Cover the pan and cook over low heat. Organize not much yawning, condign 1 / 2 hours.
 6. If sincere is stretched enough to struggle diicipi retain to taste what is not.
 7. Enter to sense when the wash apart over a half, therefrom know not too hard.
 8. Cook until the water is low / almost dry.
 9. Ready to serve and eat with hot white rice and sambal shrimp paste, or it could be with meat or chicken as a side dish Empal enhancements.

 How to Make a sauce paste:
 1. Blend all ingredients.
 2. Saute with a little oil until slightly dry.
 enjoy it!!

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