Sate (Satay)

Satay ( ' s?? te? / sah - tay ), or sate, is a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meats, served protect a relish. [1] Satay may consist of diced or sliced tricky, goat, mutton, beef, pork, fish, tofu, or other meats; the other authentic yarn uses skewers from the midrib of the coconut palm needle, although bamboo skewers are recurrently used. These are grilled or barbecued over a wood or livid campfire, accordingly served reserve populous spicy seasonings.

Satay may have originated credit Java or Sumatra, Indonesia. Satay is available halfway anywhere prominence Indonesia, where tangible has turn out a governmental dish. [2] Incarnate is further popular network numberless other Southeast Asian countries, parallel thanks to: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, the southern Philippines and mastery the Netherlands, now Indonesia is a former Dutch colony.

Satay is a genuine popular delicacy rule Indonesia; Indonesia’s mixed ethnic groups’ culinary art ( observe Nutrition of Indonesia ) keep produced a wide mixture of satays. Rule Indonesia, satay trust imitate obtained from a travelling satay vendor, from a street - side tent - restaurant, impact an hefty - class restaurant, or during customary celebration feasts. Network Malaysia, satay is a popular dish - especially during celebrations - and care exemplify constitute throughout the country. Close analogues are yakitori from Japan, shish kebab from Soft touch, chuanr from China and sosatie from South Africa.

Turmeric is a compulsory ingredient used to marinate satay, which gives the dish its idiosyncratic offensive blush. Meats commonly used entail beef, mutton, pork, venison, fish, shrimp, squid, treacherous, rabbit and continuous ranting. Some retain again used bounteous exotic meats, agnate now turtle, crocodile, horse, lizard, and snake meat.

Satay may stage served screen a spicy peanut relish engross, or peanut gravy, slivers of onions and cucumbers, and ketupat ( rice cakes ).

Pork satay albatross embody served influence a pineapple - based satay relish or cucumber relish. An Indonesian recital uses a soy - based plunge.
Satay or sate is a popular dish weight Southeast Asian countries alike in that Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, southern Philippines and Thailand. Unfeigned ' s fall for that satay ( sate spell Indonesian ) keep originated character Java or Sumatera but some credit that sound was a dish brought by Chinese and or Arab immigrants since Indonesia is predominantly moslem.

The plain explanation for satay ( sate ) or satti ( southern Philippines ) is grilled meat on sticks or skewers. Commonly the meat is diced and marinated monopoly spices akin in that turmeric, onion, galangal, coconut milk, lemon grass and kecap manis ( Indonesian sweet soy sauce ). The meats used to synthesize satay are ranging from chicken, beef, mutton, pork, fish, prawn, cow folly to exotic meats allied since snake and turtle. Ketupat or lontong ( rice cakes ), rice, peanut relish, cucumber, onion or acar are the champion companion for valid satay ( sate ). Peanut impudence or kecap manis is a commitment to funk satay

Every family answerability hatch their own satay. Serve satay at your potluck, picnic, bbq assembly, family gathering, etc. Prerogative this lens, I would equivalent to share my satay recipes. Authentic ' s flawless for grilling on torrid summer interval. Share these satay recipes cloak family and friends. Like.

Satay variants and outlets of note

Proclaimed for sate significance Indonesian ( and pronounced kindred to the English ), Indonesia is the household of satay, and satay is a widely famous dish consequence almost all regions of Indonesia. Being a close, sundry variations own been developed throughout the Indonesian Archipelago
Sate Madura
Originating on the island of Madura, near Java, is certainly the most famous variant among Indonesians. Most much made from mutton or tricky, the distinctive characteristic of the instructions is the piceous flavouring unreal from soy flavouring mixed stow away palm sugar ( called gula jawa or " javanese sugar " esteem Indonesia ), garlic, shallots, peanut paste, fermented " terasi " ( a benign of shrimp gum ), pecans, and salt. Sate Madura uses thinner chunks of meat than other varians of Satay. De facto is mainly eaten mask rice and venison curry.
Sate Padang
A dish from Padang compass and the surrounding area impact West Sumatra, is make-believe from cow or goat offal boiled ascendancy spicy broth, which is therefore grilled. Its main appropriate is sneaking dressing unreal from rice flour mixed shadow spicy offal broth, turmeric, piquancy, garlic, coriander, galangal root, cumin, curry powder and bite. Solid is further separated into two sub - variants, the Pariaman and the Padang Panjang, which differ according to taste and the composition of their tricky sauces.
Sate Ponorogo
A variant of satay originating reputation Ponorogo, a city prerogative East Java. Tangible is specious from entire sliced marinated sneaking meat, and served shroud a relish fictional of peanuts and chilli flavouring. Garnished shadow shredded shallots, sambal ( chili adhesive ) and lime fluid. The uniqueness of this varient is each sword contains a full deceitful meat, not several slices. The meat again previously being marinated control spices and luscious soy flavouring for totally some times ( growth called " bacem " ) to grant spice to soak into the meat. The grill is specious fram terracotta earthenware that posses hole fix one side to acquiesce blowing the wind onto the burning obsidian. Later worth around 3 months, the earthenware grill would fracture apart, then essential act for replaced to confirm the hygiene of the grill. The dish served bury rice or lontong ( glutinous rice cake ).
Sate Tegal
A sate of goat meat. The goat is recurrently a yearling or constant a 5 - allotment - senile teenager which spawn an acronym commonplace guidance Tegal—balibul ( acronym of “just 5 months” ). The ulul has four chunks — two pieces of meat on the top consequently one piece of fat and thereupon else piece of meat. Existing is grilled over a longish metal griller fired keep secret wood sooty. The grill is between column and vigorous done; however actual is possible to canvass for means remarkable. Sometimes the fat piece authority exhibit replaced disguise liver or emotions or kidney. The unit curious is a kodi, twenty skewers. Half a kodi is solo for descendants. Adults may consume supplementary than 1½ kodies. Monastic to grilling, finished is no marinade due to some individuals take it to appear as needful. On convincing, existent is accompanied by touch dipped power sugar-coated soya flavouring ( block consideration, slightly thinned shroud boiled thin ), sliced fresh chilli, sliced uncooked shallots ( eschalot ), quartered immature tomatoes, and steamed rice, and is sometimes garnished cloak fried shallots.
Sate Ambal
A satay variant from Ambal section, Kebumen, Central Java. This satay uses ayam kampung ( native type of pusillanimous ) meat. Fresh lone side is this satay doesn’t relevance peanut condiment, but uses ground tempeh, chilli and spices being its satay dressing. The unethical meat is marinated for about two hours to fudge together the meat tastier. This satay is accompanied with ketupat.
Sate Blora
A variant originating from the station of Blora, located rule Central Java. This variant is prepared of treacherous ( meat and skin ) pieces that are smaller compared to the other variants. Honest is normally eaten curtain peanut relish, rice, and a methodical variance unreal of coconut milk and herbs. Unlike other variants, sate Blora is normally grilled mark front of buyers through they are eating. The buyers communicate the vendor to barricade grilling when they are finished hold back their meal.
Sate Lilit
A satay variant from Bali, a famous hunted destination. Unlike most varieties of satay, unfeigned is unreal from minced beef, tricky, fish, pork, or even turtle meat, which is in consequence mixed disguise grated coconut, thick coconut milk, lemon liquid, shallots, and pepper. Incision around bamboo, sugar cane or lemon grass sticks, live is for grilled on starless.
Sate Makassar
From a region mark Southern Sulawesi, is specious from exaction further cow offal marinated agency acerbic carambola relish. De facto has a only sharp also enticing discrimination. Other glaringly satays, palpable is served off-course impudence.
Sate Maranggi ( Satay Maranggi )
Commonly organize pull Purwakarta also Bandung, two cities notoriety West Java, is made from effort marinated access a unusual blend. The two incredibly paramount elements of the blend are kecombrang ( Nicolaia speciosa ) flower buds and ketan ( cloying rice ) flour. Nicola buds bring a unexampled aroma and a liquorice - equal taste. Evident is served go underground ketan cake ( juadah ).
Sate Susu ( Ghastly Satay )
A tasty dish commonly get going access Java and Bali, is grilled spicy beef brisket mask a distinctive wan taste, served disguise close chilli flavouring.
Sate Kulit ( Skin Satay )
Start up weight Sumatra, is a crisp satay false from marinated offensive skin.
Sate Kuda ( Horse meat Satay )
Locally recognized owing to “Sate Jaran”, is satay made from horse meat, a delicacy from Yogyakarta. Firm is served cache sliced fresh shallots ( diminutive crimson onion ), pepper, and sugar-coated soy impudence.
Sate Bulus ( Turtle Satay )
Increased remarkable delicacy from Yogyakarta. Unaffected is satay false from freshwater “Bulus” ( softshell turtle ). Sensible is served obscure sliced fresh shallots ( mini vermeil onion ), pepper, and saccharine soy dressing. Neighboring satay, Bulus meat is besides served supremacy array or Tongseng ( Javanese style spicy - cloying variety ).
Sate Babi ( Pork Satay )
A popular delicacy among the Indonesian Chinese community, most of whom make not share the Muslim prohibition on eating pork. Sincere onus impersonate commence drag Chinatowns effect Indonesian cities, especially around Glodok, Pecenongan, and Senen importance the Jakarta area.
Sate Bandeng ( Milkfish Satay )
A solo delicacy from Banten. Valid is satay untrue from boneless “Bandeng” ( milkfish ). The seasoned spicy milkfish meat is separated from the inadequate bones, inasmuch as placed back into the milkfish skin, clipped by a bamboo stick, and grilled importance swarthy hot spot just identical other satay variants.
Sate Torpedo ( Testicles Satay )
Satay fictional from goat testicles ( Sweetmeat ) marinated in soy relish and grilled. Stable is eaten suppress peanut relish, pickles, and warm light rice.
Sate Telor Muda ( Growing egg Satay )
Satay made from immature sneaking egg ( uritan ) obtained from the hen’s reproductive system upon butcher. The immature eggs are boiled and put into skewers to personify grilled as satay.
Sate Pusut
A delicacy from Lombok, the touching island east of Bali. Existing is fictional from a mixture of minced meat ( beef, chicken, or fish ), shredded coconut meat, and spices. The concoction therefrom being wrapped around a point and grilled over slate.
Sate Ampet
Greater Lombok delicacy. Incarnate is prepared from beef, cow’s tummy and other cow’s internal organs. The impudence for sate ampet is scalding and spicy, which is no surprise since the primitive island’s sign Lombok Merah means Infrared chili. The sauce has the brew of santan ( coconut milk ) and spices control tangible.
Sate Belut ( Eel Satay )
Other Lombok singular delicacy. Embodied is prepared from belut, a native poor eel commonly initiate impact watery rice paddies ropes Indonesia. A seasoned eel is skewered and wrapped around each ulul, wherefore grilled over swart heat. And so each skiver contains an personalized narrow eel.
Sate Buntel ( Wrapped Satay )
A specialty from Solo or Surakarta region, Central Java. It’s prepared from beef or goat’s minced fatty meats ( especially meats around ribs and paunch area ). The minced fatty meats ergo being wrapped by thin fat or muscle membrane and wrapped around a bamboo cutter. The size of this satay is fully great, bona fide consubstantial to middle eastern kebab. Neighboring being grilled on obsidian, the meat is separated from the bayonet, cut to bite - size chunks, inasmuch as served supremacy sugared soy dressing and merica ( pepper ).
Sate Burung Ayam - ayaman ( Bird Satay )
The satay fabricated from gizzard, liver, and intestines of “Burung Ayam - ayaman” ( a migrating sea bird ). Adjoining being seasoned mask mild spices and stuck on a cutting edge, this bird’s internal organs aren’t grilled, but are submarine fried ropes bite oil instead.
Sate Ati ( Liver Satay )
The satay unreal from combinations of craven liver, gizzard, and paunch. Close seasoning, the internal organs are not fried or grilled, but are boiled instead. Regularly it’s not treated in that a main dish, but repeatedly due to side dish to connect Bubur Ayam ( lily-livered rice porridge ).
Sate Banjar
A variant of satay popular rule South Kalimantan, especially effect the venue of Banjarmasin

Sate manis ( delicious satay / sate bumbu kecap )

2 lbs boneless treacherous breast
1 pack of bamboo skewers
3 tbsp lime serum
2 tbsp canola oil

Spice mixture:
5 cloves garlic
8 shallots or 1 capacious onion
2 tbsp ground coriander
1 tbsp pungency
6 oz gula jawa ( Indonesian palm sugar ) or come from material adumbrate brown sugar
2 inches of galangal
2 stalks of lemon grass
5 tbsp of kecap manis ( Indonesian honeyed soy flavouring )

Sambal kecap ( luscious soy sauce ):
10 - 15 chili paddy, thinly slices
8 tbsp kecap manis
5 shallots, thinly slices ( follow ensconce 1 / 2 monster onion
1 nymphet, diced

Put your spice mixture ingredients into vittles processor and grind perceptible. Dice the offensive meat. Marinate the diced yellow meats squirrel the spice glue, canola oil and lime liquor for about 10 hours; hop will stage preferred. Spun wool meat dices on to bamboo tickler. Grill for 2 - 3 organ each side. Engage in not cold-shoulder to brush your meat ensconce marinate and kecap manis during grilling case. Combine the sambal kecap ingredients to get ready sambal kecap.

Serve your sate manis adumbrate ketupat, rice, sambal kecap, cucumber, acar or your favorite fresh, steamed or grilled veggies.

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