Geblek is one of the traditional food Purworejo District who always looked forward to his presence. The fried food vendors usually do not forget to include traditional foods as the mainstay of their menus.

Geblek made from cassava flour mixed with coconut milk and then fried. Shape that resembles a figure eight and sensations that occur while eating it (tough-so tough gimanaaaaa), membuatnyia become one of the traditional foods that palng Purworejo awaited his presence.

Ordinary geblek disajikakan with peanut sauce. Geblek usually sold per piece. For those of you outside the tourist areas, do not worry if you want to make geblek as souvenirs Purworejo typical traditional food, because raw geblek can last up to three days.

Geblek good when fried will not erupt or bercipratan oil everywhere. However, to guard, if you really want to fry geblek own home, use a small fire and spends the lid. Willing umbrella before the rain, cover the pan ready before hurting yourself ..

Winding / geblek


Starch: 0.5 Kg
White grated coconut (scraped skin before shredded)): 2 oz. The more the savory
Garlic: 5-8 large cloves. The more the savory
Coriander: ½ tbsp (optional, do not use is also not a problem. I do not use)
Salt to taste.
Flavor / taste vitsin.
Enough water (for dough)
Water: 2 Ltr to boil the dough


1.Giling all the spices.

2. Boil 2 quarts water to boiling. Mix the starch and grated coconut. Add water little by little. Origin wet, do not get too mushy. Divide the dough into three, form the dough into a ball / fist. Enter the dough into the boiling water. After three minutes, remove from heat.

3. Place the dough on the tray / Tampah. Cut - cut with a knife until it all unraveled. Wait a minute until the heat is rather reduced.

4. Knead the dough until the cook and the center is still raw, blended. "This is the hardest part, my wife can not stand because it requires considerable effort" Knead continues until there are no sticky starch in the tray / Tampah.

5. To return the dough into three parts. Shape dough into a cylinder with a diameter of 10 cm. Then cut the dough into sections - a small section along the 2-3 cm. Twist again (for a small cylindrical) TSB small part to the size of thumb. Shape the dough into an 8.

6. Fry until quite dry with low heat / medium, remove and serve with sauce colo - colo.

Sambal colo - colo = Soy + + cayenne pepper pieces, onion pieces.

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